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History of Zone 11

In 1969 the Executive Council noted that, “. . .it has become apparent that the Annual Meeting held during our yearly Porsche Parade is a rather ineffective place to transact Club business inasmuch as attendance is becoming increasingly limited by geographical bounds.” To help improve on this they proposed a new concept of administration where the regions of the club were directly represented by the Zone Coordinator. This new appointed position would directly represent the regions in their geographic areas and present the opinions and report the consensus of said regions. The Zone Coordinator would act merely as a “communication medium” between the regions and the Board and Executive Council.


The regions were then subdivided in to eight geographical zones with approximate equal membership. Until the necessary changes to the Bylaws could be made, the first Zone Coordinators were some National Committee Chairmen and Officers at the time serving in a dual role. Zone 1 Coordinator - John R. Kent, National President-Elect, Northeast Region. Zone 2 Coordinator - H. Joseph Berger, Chairman-Publications, Publicity & Public Relations Committee, Potomac Region. Zone 3 Coordinator - Dr. Leonard Turner, Chairman-Activities Committee, Peachstate Region. Zone 4 Coordinator - Jack W. Cooper, Chairman-Insurance Committee, Chicago Region. Zone 5 Coordinator - Roger W. Chaney, Chairman-Technical Committee, Maverick Region. Zone 6 Coordinator - Kenneth L. Lundgren, National Secretary, Rocky Mountain Region. Zone 7 & 8 Coordinator - Louis B. Marable, West Coast Representative, Golden Gate Region.

In 1976 at the National Board meeting in Brainerd, MA a vote was taken which established Zone 11. In 1977 Zone 11 was formed and consisted of Hawaii, Germany and Alaska regions. All three were chartered regions of PCA prior to Zone 11 with Hawaii receiving its charter in 1959, Germany in 1963 and Alaska in 1971. At the 1977 Board of Directors meeting, the vote taken at the previous year’s National Board Meeting was amended by adding, "provided that the personal residence of the Zone 11 Rep shall be within the 48 states establishing the continental U.S. and shall be considered as part of the Zone under the requirements of Art. II , Sec. 2,B."


In 1994 Puerto Rico became a Chartered Region of PCA and was assigned to Zone 11.Then in 2003 the cancellation of Germany Region's charter was voted on and approved at the board meeting held in Florida during the Wesley Chapel Parade and was officially disbanded in 2005. Germany Region Members had organized autocrosses along with mini driver education events since the early days on disused military airports, which in those days were on American bases. When the American military bases were turned over to the German authorities, they were no longer able to obtain insurance for their events. At that time the decision was made to dissolve the Germany Region, but not without offering the region members the option to transfer to any of the other PCA regions. Then in 2010, due to the proximity of Puerto Rico to Florida, the decision was made to move Puerto Rico Region into Zone 12. That has left just Hawaii and Alaska as the two remaining regions in the Zone. In 2018 Big Island Hawaii Region was chartered adding a third region to Zone 11.

Special thanks to RJ Willmot, Vu Nguyen, Botho von Bose and John Adam.