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Former Zone 11 Representatives

Bob Garretson 1977 - 1980

At the winter Board of Directors meeting held in Juarez, Mexico, Bob Garretson was appointed representative of the newly created Zone 11, which includes PCA’s three far-flung regions, Germany, Hawaii and Alaska. Bob and his wife, Sue, joined PCA in 1960, as members of Golden Gate Region. Since then Bob has served as president of Golden Gate and as National Technical Chairman in 1965-1966. He was a member of the Parade Competition Rules Committee in 1974. Bob and Sue have attended twelve national Parades, winning First Overall in 1962 and 1971. They presently own a 1961 Abarth Carrera, a 1963 Elva-Porsche, a 1970 914/6, 1972 911S and a 1974 914/4 autocross and hillclimb car. Bob is president of Rucker and Kolls Manufacturing Corporation, a company that makes tools for the semiconductor industry.

Dave Mills 1981

Zone 11 Representative Dave and his wife, Dalna, joined a vigorous and active Monterey Bay Region in March 1969. They plunged into PCA activities and have never looked back. Next were two years with California Central Coast Region, where Dave was heavily involved in the region program. March 1973 found the Mills in Germany where, mainly through Dave’s efforts, Germany Region was brought from an officially inactive region to a very active 200 + member region within two years. These efforts brought him recognition as the 1974 PCA Enthusiast of the Year. He has returned to California Central Coast, where he has served as vice-president and president. Dave is co-owner of Precision Engineering, a Porsche-VW-BMW service firm in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Drayton James 1982 - 1986

Zone 11 Representative Drayton James has been a PCA member since 1969 and is co-founder and two term president of Alabama Region. He received that region’s “Outstanding Member” award on two occasions. Several years ago he served as National Bylaws Chairman and attended national board meetings in San Diego and Houston. Drayton and his wife, Billie, are active concours participants who have restored and shown a 356C coupe, a 911 Targa, and a white Carrera RS which won first in class at the Reston Parade. Their signal red 356B cabriolet placed second in class at the Asheville Parade and was first in class at the 1981 Atlanta Vintage Grand Prix Concours. Drayton, Billie and their eight year old daughter, Tracy, live in Birmingham where Drayton is a partner in the law firm of Clark, James & Crittenden.

Wilma White 1987 - 1990

Since becoming a member of PCA in 1962, Wilma White has been consistently active in the club. Joining as a member of Chicago Region, she and her husband Bob later helped form Lincoln Trail Region and in 1971 transferred back to Chicago. Currently historian of Chicago Region, she has served as regional president in 1980 and 1981 and vice-president in 1986. She has attended 15 Parades, serves as a concours judge, and was vice-chairman of the 1984 Porsche Parade in Appleton, Wisconsin. Together with daughters Dawn and Wendy, she and Bob were PCA Family of the Year for 1975 and she was recognized as Enthusiast of the Year for 1981. She has acquired a wide range of PCA experience on the national level while assisting her husband in his past capacities as Zone Representative, National Technical Chairman and National Treasurer. Wilma is a librarian Working in various aspects of children’s services in Urbana, Illinois.

John Adam 1991 - 1992

Since joining PCA in 1983, John and his wife Rosemary have been active members, serving in regional capacities and also on the 1986 Porsche Parade Committee. Since 1983, both have attended the annual Porsche Parade and have taken home several trophies for their efforts in rally, concours, tech quiz and newsletter competitions. John is newsletter editor for Upper Canada Region. Under his direction, Porsche Provinz has grown in size and quality. It is remarkable for its support from about 25 area firms which are advertisers. For 1988, the Provinz won first place in Class IV in the national newsletter competition, recognizing its quality. Upper Canada Region leads the Porsche Club of America in membership growth and has been named Region of the Year for the past two years. PCA Zone 11 covers regions located in Alaska, Germany and Hawaii.

Larry Pittsley 1993 - 1996

Larry Pittsley joined Roadrunner Region in 1982 and participated as a casual member until he was asked to serve as treasurer of the region in 1986. Since then he has been vice president, chairman of the multi-event Weekend, Fiesta del Porsche, two-term president and has served on the region’s board of directors for the last seven years. Larry still has the 1972 911T that introduced him to PCA. His daily driver until 18 months ago, it is now semi-retired. True to the reliability of the design, the 911T has more than 185,000 miles on its odometer. Larry also owned a 1970 914/6 which was sold to facilitate his latest project: an M-1 914. Larry’s prime Porsche interest is in autocrossing. Roadrunner’s annual driving series, “Die Serie,” was co-founded by Larry and has become a large success since 1987. Larry has been the series champion three of the last four years. When not participating in Porsche events, Larry is the vice president of a multi-city commercial janitor service.

Tom Bobbitt 1997 - 1998

Tom’s love of Porsches flourished in 1970 when he attended his first Daytona 24-hour race and witnessed the mighty 917s triumph over the formidable Ferraris. It took another six years for Tom and Eleanor to acquire their first Porsche (a 1967 912) and join PCA. In the intervening 20 years, the Bobbitts have been active members of Lincoln Trail, Potomac, First Settlers, and, for the last dozen years, Connecticut Valley regions of PCA. Along the way they have owned early 911s, a 914, a 944 and a C2, having now returned to early 911s. Tom and Eleanor currently rally tour and concour a 1973 911RS in light weight trim, and Tom club races and instructs driver ed in a ’73 RSR replica he built. Over the years Tom served as CVR’s rallymaster for two years, as president for two terms, and was recognized as enthusiast of the year in 1993. He is currently CVR’s driver ed chief instructor. In addition he has served as co-chairman for Zone 1’s Tech Tactics Weekend for two years. Tom and Eleanor have attended six Parades, With Eleanor trophying in the tech quiz, just to keep egos in balance. When not playing with Porsches, Tom is a director with IBM Credit Corporation.

Paul Young 1999 - 2002

Paul and Ruth Young got their first Porsche, a 911SC, in 1979. They joined San Diego Region in 1985 With the 928 they still drive today Becoming immediately active in the club’s many events, they soon were deeply involved in the organization too, putting on events such as socials, rallies, time trials, and driving schools. Paul has held regional positions for the last dozen years, including goodie store chair, time trial chair, chief driving instructor, rally chair, region development, vice president and president. Paul has also spent the last ten years on the Zone 8 staff, as rules chair, rally chair, chief driving instructor, and concours judge. He has participated extensively in the Zone 8 as well as regional autocross, time trial and rally events. At the national level he has served on the Parade Competition Rules committee for the last seven years. He was the rallymaster for the 1992 Parade in San Diego and wrote and organized part of the technical quiz. Paul and Ruth, with their son Paul, Jr., travel to Parades regularly competing with either their 928 or 1986 911 Turbo, socializing and working, usually on the protest committee. Besides the 928 and 911 Turbo, Paul is also owned by a 924 Turbo track car and shares driving a 914 at autocrosses. Paul has a physics degree from UCSD and works as an engineer at Hewlett-Packard, developing fax machines, color copiers, and all-in-one products.

Botho von Bose 2003 - 2004

Botho is a stockbroker during the day and a Porschephile any other time. He Volunteers with the German chapter of the Order of Saint John, collects art and antiques, likes skiing, golfing and driving or polishing his 996 Porsche. Since first joining PCA through Upper Canada Region in 1987, he has participated in every Parade and has held many board positions, ranging from wine tasting, autocross, and track chairmanships to president. In 1997, PCA honored him with the Lazar Blanchard Memorial Trophy as National Enthusiast of the Year. He became Zone 1 race chairman in 2002 and apprenticed as a concours judge. Most Weekends you will find him at a track, instructing and enjoying the camaraderie of other Porsche fanatics.

Tim Flemming 2005 - 2008

Tim and his Wife Susan joined Sacramento Valley Region in 1992, after purchasing their first Porsche, a tired, but straight 1969 91lE. After fixing up the car, they became more active in the club, starting with social events, tours, and concours events. After attending the Zone 7 Autocross school in 1993, Tim got the driving bug, and has been active in the Zone 7 Autocross series since then, as well as driving/instructing in the Golden Gate Region Time Trial Series. Tim and Susan have been active in helping out in various region activities, serving three times as co-chairs for CRAB, the Sacramento Valley Region multi-event weekend. At the region level, Tim has served as region concours chair, vice-president, and president. Both Tim and Susan Were involved in Parade 2000, With Susan chairing the art show and serving as Parade administrative assistant. Most recently, Tim served two terms as Zone 7 Representative. The “tired” 911E has morphed to an RS-look (and subsequently RSR look) track car, “Susan’s car” is a 1998 C2S, which is great for tours, Concours, and occasional rally. Tim and Susan live in Folsom, California, and have two kids who have literally grown up around the club (Susan was seven months pregnant for our first driving tour). Tim is chief operating officer for a Northern California based civil engineering firm. The firm specializes in planning and design for major transportation and highway facilities. Susan is a full-time mom, volunteering at church and at school in between PCA events. Ryan is 15 and a recent Eagle Scout, looking forward to autocrossing. Lauren is a 12 year old who especially enjoys the Parade kids’ activities.

Chris Inglot 2009 - 2010

Chris and his wife Vanessa joined the Chicago Region in 1990 after purchasing a used 1986 944. The club quickly became a big portion of their social life. The 944 was concoured, rallied, autocrossed and driven at DE events. Since joining PCA, they have attended more than ten Parades, many while enjoying raising three daughters. In 1994, a quicker, pristine 1991 944S2 was acquired. It evolved from a perfect street car, to an active autocross car all the way to an actively campaigned “E” class club racer. In 2003, a Boxster S was added to our stable to enjoy rag top cruising while running errands. Chris has served at the regional level from photographer to regional vice president. The past four years, Chris has served as Zone 13 Representative as well as a member of the club racing advisory staff. In 2008, his company Inglot Electronics, a Chicago manufacturer specializing in custom transformers, inductors, and solenoid coils, reinstated the “Hard Charger” award for PCA Club Racing while being a national sponsor. Chris looks forward to working with the regions within Zone 11 as conduit between the regions and national.

Aaron Ambrosino 2011 - 2014

Aaron is a second-generation PCA member, joining the club in 1990. His “membership” in PCA began at an early age as he attended events as a young child with his father Frank and mother Elesa, who are both long time PCA members. Following in his father’s footsteps Aaron became very involved in the Hudson Champlain Region. In 2005 he became the Newsletter Editor of the then idle Air Cooled Advertiser. Six years on he is still producing his region’s newsletter. During that same time period he served as Webmaster for three years (2006 – 2008) and as Activities Chairman for two years (2007-2008). He is currently serving his second term as region president. (Aaron’s first term as president was in 2009 during Hudson Champlain’s 50th Anniversary. His Father was president in 1984 for the club’s 25th Anniversary). In 2010 Aaron was appointed to the position of Zone 1 Autocross Registra. Throughout his time in the club he has participated in and volunteered for numerous region and Zone 1 social events, concours, autocrosses, and driver education events. He is a National driving instructor and mentor. Aaron’s wife Amelia joined him as a member in 2000 and has also been very active in the region. She volunteers her time to help edit the newsletter and organizes some of the regions annual events. Aaron and Amelia have two Porsches in the garage; an 1987 911 Carrera, which is Aaron’s first Porsche, and a 2006 Cayman S. While still active in both his own region and zone, he is excited for his new position as Zone 11 Representative.

Jay Gratton 2015 - 2018

Jay's fascination with cars started at an early age, but his obsession with Porsches began at age seven, when he rode in his Uncle Steve's 1977 911 Carrera 3.0. Jay is a third-generation PCA member who grew up in the back seat of a Porsche 944. He joined PCA in 1988, and his first "front seat" event was the Zone 1 48 Hours at Watkins Glen when he was 18. Jay quickly became involved in everything PCA has to offer. As a member or North Country region, he has served as President and Vice President and chaired Rally, Concours, Tech, and Social. Additionally, Jay is a nationally trained DE instructor and concours judge. He was named the PCA Enthusiast of the Year in 2012. Jay bought his first Porsche at 16, a 1973 914 2.0, which he still owns. Since then, a 1973 914 1.7 and a 1985 911 Carrera have joined the family garage. Previous Porsches include a 1971 914-6 and a 1988 924S. Jay and his wife, Jaime, live in Merrimack, New Hampshire, where he is a school administrator. The Grattons are heavily involved in PCA, and with 13 family members in NCR it is common to see a Gratton at regional events. Jay is excited to work with members of the PCA Executive Council, National Staff, and Zone 11 to continue regional growth and membership participation.

Special thanks to RJ Willmot and Vu Nguyen.